A Thought

As the life moves on we believe that the future is based on the laurels of the past – how wrong we are is dependent upon our willingness to adapt and adjust to the uncertainties “Life has to offer”. My experience of life with each day teaching you some new thing..our friendship with everything larger than us to the wisdom of source. Our friendship with experience opens us to the wisdom of life on earth. Doing is not as same as thinking that you are doing because what we do when we do is very different to what we thought we could do. When we talk about human relationship we consider it as part of the flow – where the waves of emotions provides the wake and current for you to flow with the ebb – you flow with it and not against it and create the whirlwind of emotions. Try to ride the wave through deep appreciation of understanding, listening and patience usually will take the boat of your life to the desired port of call. When we celebrate events like Diwali or Christmas or Eid – the happiness is not in the individual celebrations but in the common wave of happiness which engulf us and raises our spirits to make us realise the importance of life and its beautiful gifts. Next will come but may be can also be a possibility – so raise now and not then, because what we own is now and not then.