5G Japan Olympics Impact Blog by Ajay Tewari

“Machines are coming, and the 5G will be a big enabler with that true convergence of computing and communications.” Let’s see how this 10x faster speed will make planet earth biggest sporting event – “2020 Olympics” held at Japan.

5G means?

In technical frequency terms 5G with over 10 GBPS speed, can send a full-length high-definition movie in mere few seconds. “5G will be 10 times faster than current best 4G speed“. It also lead the way for “IoT” where devices from home door locks to dog collars all are connected and can talk to each other on user command. Indeed 5G will be important for developing AI, drones, self-driving vehicles, robots and other machines that transmit massive data in real time and need quick analyzation of those big transmitted data to give machines direction to take meaningful actions.

2020 Japan Olympics VS 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Due to 5G?

The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games smashed all television viewing records by racking up a cumulative audience over 4.1 billion in 150+ countries and territories. Tokyo will quite comfortably surpass the Rio figure, analysts believe, and provide tech companies with an unprecedented opportunity to show the rest of the world what Japan still does best.

5G will be an ally in transformation of current business models which is going to have big impact on one of the biggest sporting events in the world – the 2020 Olympics held in Japan. Japan being a global leader in mobile communications for the past four decades have planned to make the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games the most innovative and technologically advanced sporting event ever held on planet earth.

360-degree, 8K video streams – According to Aicha Evans, visitors to Tokyo for the 2020 festivities can expect 5G used to provide 360-degree, 8K video streams that provide an athlete’s point of view to a viewer in real time, along with virtual reality experiences, facial recognition for venue security and applications related to connected cars.

5G Powered, Spectacular Satellite driven opening ceremony plan – ALE Co. Ltd., a Japanese startup that is planning to create a man-made meteor shower as part of the opening ceremony. To create its artificial shooting star project, called Sky Canvas, the company plans to launch a series of microsatellites that will release more than 5,000 pellets that will circle the Earth before burning up spectacularly in the atmosphere. By changing the chemical composition of the pellets, the company will be able to create a multi-colored display that is literally out of this world. (Source:

5G Bandwidth Powered 2020 Olympics Hospitality Plan – Robots are being deployed at Tokyo’s airports to help visitors navigate the facilities and make their way either into the city or to their departure gates, while an offshoot of Toyota is working on a flying car that its designers hope might be employed in the opening ceremony to light the Olympic flame in a truly memorable manner. (Source: Forbes).

5G: Amalgamation of speed & security

5G Impact on Japan Olympic 2020. Blog by Ajay Tewari

Speed – Japan, which is known for its high speed trains keeping wireless mobile device data transmission and connectivity recently Samsung has tested the 5G, where they achieved 2.5Gbit/s transmission speed with a mobile device that was in a vehicle travelling 150km/h.

Security – Demonstration an advanced security service based on 5G network technology to determine the effectiveness of the service in handling security for the opening ceremonies of the 2020 Olympics. The trial involved the use of artificial intelligence (AI), advanced facial recognition system to automatically verify the identities of athletes, officials, staff, and media members along with drones having HD 4K camera, trial aims to use advance technology complemented by 5G speed which will “drastically increase security levels”.
Drone-based surveil¬lance technology that should help reduce the work¬load on human guards.

Speed + Security – Drones will operate at an altitude of between 50 and 70 meters, remain airborne for up to eight hours, and have the capability of monitoring an area with a radius of 2.5 Miles. There are even reports that “killer drones” are being con¬sidered that would eliminate unauthorized drones operating around Olympic venues. Equipped with lasers or projectiles, these drones would envelop a target with a net to bring it down. (Source: Japan Today).


There’s a lot of hype about 5G as a revolution, but most of us here don’t even know how their smartphones will work, after 5G, new apps flood gates will be opened and current 4G based mobile apps will very soon become obsolete. In my opinion 5G is not going to create dangerous terminators for us, instead it will help people to live better lives.

Japan will further consolidate its technology advancement in 2020 Olympic. What more you expect?