Lets’s be Thankful!

It’s easy to be ungrateful in a society dominated by the haves versus the have-nots, where the money is all-powerful and helps to epitomize the alluring aspects of life like independence, security, and strength. When you’re working hard for no gain, unable to get ahead in life, particularly after you’ve suffered the heartache of disappointment or financial chaos, it’s easy to get disillusioned and it’s easy not to be thankful. You start a gratitude practice by following any of the below ways:

  1. Dedication

Gratitude does not come easily. It is a spiritual practice that comes over time. You will feel every resistance come in your mind. When you dedicate yourself to summon up the energy to shift into gratitude that magnetic power helps you in every way.

  1. Write & Record

Make a list of your gratitude. Take a pen and paper or on your laptop/PC, start writing for what you’re grateful for. There are a lot of people/situations for whom you have gratitude. Record it.  It may happen that you won’t get anything in your mind. Surrender to that moment and just wait.

  1. Feel it from your heart

You may have noticed that there are a few days when you feel joy and dance your heart out.  It is the moment when you feel that joy to the fullness of heart. The same implies when you call up the sentiment of gratitude in your heart and from every cell of your body. You feel the utmost joy.

  1. Share your Gratitude.

When you start practicing anything with your partner, you get a push to achieve your goal. Partner with somebody.  You will keep each other going. Sharing and reading each other’s gratitude list will bring positive energy to keep this practice.

  1. Try not to stop once you begin to get results!

At the point when you initially started to get results, you thought of taking a break and positive energy that surrounded you started lagging behind. Dragging yourself back to training won’t be an easy task.

  1. Let yourself be human.

Protest in the event that you should.  Its human tendency to underestimate your efforts. If by any chance you miss writing your gratitude list or failing to express what you really want to write, it is perfectly ok. Do not blame yourself. The moment you started listening to a little voice “You have missed a day. You’ve bombed hopelessly at being thankful!” So be kind to yourself. Tie your laces and keep running!

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smartData Enterprises has dedicated the next two months to show gratitude to people who are tirelessly helping the community, workplace, and country in this pandemic. We also thank all the frontline smarTians and non-smarTians who have worked tirelessly in these tough times. This gratitude drive will evoke a sense of thankfulness and satisfaction with life. In the next two months kindly express how thankful you are to all these individuals (smarTians – developers, operations team, colleagues, seniors etc. and even non-smarTians like your family, parents, milkman, grocery store, newspaper vendor, security guard, policemen, health workers, house help and anyone who has made even a slightest contribution in your life) through a thank you gesture in person through messages or social media handles. Remember what goes out comes back…

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