A Thought

As the life moves on we believe that the future is based on the laurels of the past – how wrong we are is dependent upon our willingness to adapt and adjust to the uncertainties “Life has to offer”. My experience of life with each day teaching you some new thing..our friendship with everything larger than us to the wisdom of source. Our friendship with experience opens us to the wisdom of life on earth. Doing is not as same as thinking that you are doing because what we do when we do is very different to what we thought we could do. When we talk about human relationship we consider it as part of the flow – where the waves of emotions provides the wake and current for you to flow with the ebb – you flow with it and not against it and create the whirlwind of emotions. Try to ride the wave through deep appreciation of understanding, listening and patience usually will take the boat of your life to the desired port of call. When we celebrate events like Diwali or Christmas or Eid – the happiness is not in the individual celebrations but in the common wave of happiness which engulf us and raises our spirits to make us realise the importance of life and its beautiful gifts. Next will come but may be can also be a possibility – so raise now and not then, because what we own is now and not then.

Challenges Ahead

meeting-challenge-icd-10The debate over the generation gap was the favorite topic when I was growing and still is active when my young ones are stepping into their teens – the obvious difference is the speed at which we all are operating – they are ephemerally connected with todays world while we were hard wired – we hold history more dearly while they believe in freshly baked “now” – we believed in settle & build while they believe in moving on – we wanted to be or still want to be architect of our dreams while they believe in temporary residency ☺ – whatever the difference they are the future !

So what is the future – more and more jobs getting reduced due to use of technology, automation and robotics are no doubt making a world an easier and better place to live in but will it create better quality jobs or will it put more people out of job! Virtually every industry is already seeing the impact of technology on the reduced number of humans – transportation is one good example where driverless cars are a reality very soon – million if not more are on their way out – be it drivers of cars, trucks or taxi. The el Niño of automation is going to spread its wings to other sectors like manufacturing, medicines and even service intensive industries – putting not only blue collars jobs in danger but the white collar jobs too – you and me included. Aging demographics, automation and technology is going to put millions of millennial job chances under severe strain.

Sending a youngster for a 4 year degree is liking sending them to banvas of information know how – and they come out as half baked incomplete professionals requiring lots and lots of effort to bring them at pace – does that mean formal degrees are on their way out – to me Yes ! Learning from rote will only rot the existing system further – millennial that can think differently & not who can pile up grades will survive & thrive – the former in minority while later in majority – working for the former. We all can see stars on a clear sky – many of them – teaching about all the stars is what universities will thrive on – after all they have to make their money – “knowing the right stars and not all” will what make the future star.

The Beginning – New Journey

The beginning is always difficult for any thing be it business, studies, relationship and come to think of it – writing.

Time and again my inner self has motivated me to write but my outward self resented the idea. Toyed with the idea till I met someone who said something very interesting -Quote” do what you wanted to do, so that you can move on to those things in life which you wished to do” Unquote – a very thin line between the two but indeed there is difference between the two. One emanates from suppressed desires over the years and other blossoming into one – if not taken care of – quickly.

Question then comes is what to write? fiction, non fiction, business, non business, life, stories and the list goes on. To me writing is an expression – of what ? – is dependent upon the mind frame you have trained yourself to be in @ that moment of time. Moods does not result in writing, its the writing which sets in the mood ! The mood again is a tangible form of expression which is dependent upon situations and surroundings- however if we try to be stabilised in self – the notion of mood has no room for display.

I shall write, and I shall write what I feel has to be written – as an outward form of my expressionS while taking into consideration the sensitivity of the topic, people and the environment I may touch upon during such reverberations of my thoughts . This shall harness my ability to let wonderful indegnous thoughts flow out of me – some may start a dialogue, a positive discussion, debate or may have some bearing on the emotions of a, or a group of persons.

I shall write not to please anyone – not even myself but to leave some indelible impressions which otherwise may be left within my morbid self and goes away with me – when its time to leave. Sprinkling of few drops here and there for my own sake – am sure will not disturb the nature harmony.

Wish me happy journey- hope the big boss will be kind as he has been all the years.