Self Worth – The Key to your Ultimate Happiness

Worthiness means that regardless of who you are , what you own or what you do, you belong. You are deserving of what you own or what you do or you belong. You are deserving of love, care recognition and respect. Its all too easy to loose faith in our worthiness – so often we think we are not good enough or do not measure up…when we face challenges in our life like a failed exams, a lost job, a serious illness or getting a no, we feel like we are less deserving amongst the people around us.

We feel we lost our worthiness – yet worthiness is inherent in each person, and it can never be taken away from us but we forget this “truth”..when we do, it makes heart breaks, disappointments in life even more painful than they should be!

So can we remind ourselves of our own worthiness -when we are fallen into doubt or shame – one way to rediscover your sense of worth – is use your imagination or a picture of yourself as a child or a baby – a baby doesn’t have to earn the right to be loved – when we look into his or her soulful blinking eyes – we view them as precious – we are compel to care for them, we are inspired to love them unconditionally- we instantly see their worthiness- “innate, profound and unchanging”.

However when it comes to ourselves that’s so difficult to do…so next time if you loose sight of your own worth, trying imagining yourselves as a baby or small child…maybe even pull your own childhood photograph..imagine being held carefully with love and care …remember that when you were tiny there was nothing you needed to accomplish – no standard you needed to measure up to…your worthiness shines like a bright light even while you are vulnerable and dependent on others – complete and perfect, just the way you are…

Worthiness is your birthright and with it anything is possible.