The Beginning – New Journey

The beginning is always difficult for any thing be it business, studies, relationship and come to think of it – writing.

Time and again my inner self has motivated me to write but my outward self resented the idea. Toyed with the idea till I met someone who said something very interesting -Quote” do what you wanted to do, so that you can move on to those things in life which you wished to do” Unquote – a very thin line between the two but indeed there is difference between the two. One emanates from suppressed desires over the years and other blossoming into one – if not taken care of – quickly.

Question then comes is what to write? fiction, non fiction, business, non business, life, stories and the list goes on. To me writing is an expression – of what ? – is dependent upon the mind frame you have trained yourself to be in @ that moment of time. Moods does not result in writing, its the writing which sets in the mood ! The mood again is a tangible form of expression which is dependent upon situations and surroundings- however if we try to be stabilised in self – the notion of mood has no room for display.

I shall write, and I shall write what I feel has to be written – as an outward form of my expressionS while taking into consideration the sensitivity of the topic, people and the environment I may touch upon during such reverberations of my thoughts . This shall harness my ability to let wonderful indegnous thoughts flow out of me – some may start a dialogue, a positive discussion, debate or may have some bearing on the emotions of a, or a group of persons.

I shall write not to please anyone – not even myself but to leave some indelible impressions which otherwise may be left within my morbid self and goes away with me – when its time to leave. Sprinkling of few drops here and there for my own sake – am sure will not disturb the nature harmony.

Wish me happy journey- hope the big boss will be kind as he has been all the years.