Self Worth – The Key to your Ultimate Happiness

Worthiness means that regardless of who you are , what you own or what you do, you belong. You are deserving of what you own or what you do or you belong. You are deserving of love, care recognition and respect. Its all too easy to loose faith in our worthiness – so often we think we are not good enough or do not measure up…when we face challenges in our life like a failed exams, a lost job, a serious illness or getting a no, we feel like we are less deserving amongst the people around us.

We feel we lost our worthiness – yet worthiness is inherent in each person, and it can never be taken away from us but we forget this “truth”..when we do, it makes heart breaks, disappointments in life even more painful than they should be!

So can we remind ourselves of our own worthiness -when we are fallen into doubt or shame – one way to rediscover your sense of worth – is use your imagination or a picture of yourself as a child or a baby – a baby doesn’t have to earn the right to be loved – when we look into his or her soulful blinking eyes – we view them as precious – we are compel to care for them, we are inspired to love them unconditionally- we instantly see their worthiness- “innate, profound and unchanging”.

However when it comes to ourselves that’s so difficult to do…so next time if you loose sight of your own worth, trying imagining yourselves as a baby or small child…maybe even pull your own childhood photograph..imagine being held carefully with love and care …remember that when you were tiny there was nothing you needed to accomplish – no standard you needed to measure up to…your worthiness shines like a bright light even while you are vulnerable and dependent on others – complete and perfect, just the way you are…

Worthiness is your birthright and with it anything is possible.

Laugh Out Loud- because you deserve it

Today in the spirit of April fool day thought it would be relevant to talk about importance of humour in our day to day life.

Sometime in the obstacle course of life every little stress and challenge feels like it means a world, for eg we miss our bus, a weird charge shows up on our phone bill, our boss puts in a project on our already overloaded plate, we spill the blotch of hot sauce on our favourite pants, our frustration simmers and our day is ruined.

Often we miss out on opportunity to enjoy LIFE because we take things all so seriously…

Everything becomes matter of life and death, but if we can step back and create a space between Ourselves and what’s happening , its possible to find some humour in it all…

Many years ago I worked in a busy restaurant in UK as part time server to support my masters education, the dinning room manager Melissa remained upbeat even during stressful dinner rushes while we were loosing our steam..Remember Guys as she would say as we servers ran around frantically to take care of not so polite customers in a frenzy…” we are just serving food, this aint the United Nations…”

It reminded me that OK that the place is crowded with cranky customers and I am feeling overwhelmed…BUT…

why take things so seriously…what the point if I can’t find enjoyment in it all…sometimes we need a reminder that life is precious and fleeting..that there are limitless things we should be grateful for and that this too shall pass. That there are people in this world at this very moment who are enduring hardships far worse.

With this perspective shift there is always an opportunity to discover a lightness in our heart, a chance to untie that knot in our forehead and laugh it all…

instead of being bounced around by life WE BOUNCE WITH IT…

Approaching life with a sense of light heartedness is like wearing an ARMOUR..where we don’t allow snags and glitches of life to simply drag us down with them …In the words of Ramdas “Cosmic humour especially about our own predicament is an important part of our own journey”

So next time when you face such issues…see if you can step back and find the lighter side of it and laugh at your self or the situation…

Happy April fool day – its ok to be foolish at times 🙂

Don’t miss the small things…

Sometimes it’s the smaller things that matter. We are always so busy focusing on the big picture that we forget that the small things combine make the picture a big one. A story that teaches so much in so little. 

Screenshot 2021-01-24 at 8.24.11 PM


The Taj hotel group had invited Mr. Masai Imai from Japan to hold a workshop for its staff.

The staff were very skeptical – the hotel is doing excellent business, this person from Japan has no exposure to hotel industry – what exactly is he going to teach?

But everybody gathered as planned for the workshop in the conference hall sharp at 9 am.

Mr. Masai was introduced to them – a not so impressive personality, nor the English all that good; spoke as if he was first formulating each sentence in Japanese and then translating it into rather clumsy English.

“Good morning! Let’s start work. I am told this is a workshop; but I see neither work nor shop.So let’s proceed where work is happening. Let’s start with the first room on the first floor.”_

Mr. Masai, followed by the senior management, the participants, the video camera crew trouped out of the conference room and proceeded to the destination.

That happened to be the laundry room of the hotel.

Mr. Masai entered the room and stood at the window, “beautiful view!” he said.

The staff knew it; they need not invite a Japanese consultant to tell them this! 

A room with such a beautiful view is being wasted as a laundry room. Shift the laundry to the basement and convert this into a guest room.”

Aa Haa! Now nobody had ever thought about that!

The manager said, “Yes, it can be done.”

“Then let’s do it,” Mr. Masai said.

“Yes sir, I will make a note of this and we will include it in the report on the workshop that will be prepared.”Said the Manager.

“Excuse me, but there is nothing to note down in this. Let’s just do it,

just now.” Mr. Masai.

Just now?” Manager.

“Yes, decide on a room on the ground floor/basement and shift the stuff out of this room right away. It should take a couple of hours, right?” asked Mr. Masai.

“Yes.” Manager.

“Let’s come back here just before lunch. By then all this stuff will have got shifted out and the room must be ready with the carpets, furniture etc. and from today you can start earning the few thousand that you charge your customers for a night.”_

“Ok, Sir.” The manager had no option.

The next destination was the pantry. The group entered. At the entrance were two huge sinks full of plates to be washed.

Mr. Masai removed his jacket and started washing the plates.

“Sir, Please, what are you doing?”_ the manager didn’t know what to say and what to do.

“Why, I am washing the plates”,_ Mr. Masai.

“But sir, there is staff here to do that.”_ Manager. Mr. Masai continued washing. I think sink is for washing plates, there are stands here to keep the plates and the plates should go into the stands.”_

All the officials wondered – did they require a consultant to tell them this?

After finishing the job, Mr. Masai asked, €”How many plates do you have?’_

“Plenty, so that there should never be any shortage.” answered the Manager.

Mr. Masai said, “We have a word in Japanese ‘Muda’.    Muda means delay, Muda means unnecessary spending. One lesson to be learned in this workshop is to avoid both. If you have plenty of plates, there will be delay in cleaning them up. The first step to correct this situation is to remove all the excess plates.”_

Yes, we will say this in the report.”_ Manager.

“No, wasting our time in writing the report is again an instance of ‘Muda’. We must pack the extra plates in a box right away and send these to whichever other section of Taj requires these. Throughout the workshop now we will find out where all we find this ‘Muda’ hidden.”_

And then at every spot and session, the staff eagerly awaited to find out Muda and learn how to avoid it.

On the last day, Mr. Masai told a story.

“A Japanese and an American, both fond of hunting, met in a jungle. They entered deep jungle and suddenly realized that they had run out of bullets. Just then they heard a lion roaring. Both started running. But the Japanese took a short break to put on his sports shoes._ 

The American said, “What are you doing? We must first get to the car.”_

The Japanese responded, No. I only have to ensure that I remain ahead of you.”_

All the participants engrossed in listening to the story, realised suddenly that the lion would stop after getting his victim!

The lesson is: competition in today’s world is so fierce, that it is important to stay ahead of others, even by just a couple of steps. And you have such a huge and naturally well endowed country. If you remember to curtail your production expenditure and give the best quality always, you will be miles ahead as compared to so many other countries in the world.”,_ concluded Mr. Masai.

It is never late to learn…let us take out all the MUDA OUT OF OUR LIVES… 


Lets’s be Thankful!

It’s easy to be ungrateful in a society dominated by the haves versus the have-nots, where the money is all-powerful and helps to epitomize the alluring aspects of life like independence, security, and strength. When you’re working hard for no gain, unable to get ahead in life, particularly after you’ve suffered the heartache of disappointment or financial chaos, it’s easy to get disillusioned and it’s easy not to be thankful. You start a gratitude practice by following any of the below ways:

  1. Dedication

Gratitude does not come easily. It is a spiritual practice that comes over time. You will feel every resistance come in your mind. When you dedicate yourself to summon up the energy to shift into gratitude that magnetic power helps you in every way.

  1. Write & Record

Make a list of your gratitude. Take a pen and paper or on your laptop/PC, start writing for what you’re grateful for. There are a lot of people/situations for whom you have gratitude. Record it.  It may happen that you won’t get anything in your mind. Surrender to that moment and just wait.

  1. Feel it from your heart

You may have noticed that there are a few days when you feel joy and dance your heart out.  It is the moment when you feel that joy to the fullness of heart. The same implies when you call up the sentiment of gratitude in your heart and from every cell of your body. You feel the utmost joy.

  1. Share your Gratitude.

When you start practicing anything with your partner, you get a push to achieve your goal. Partner with somebody.  You will keep each other going. Sharing and reading each other’s gratitude list will bring positive energy to keep this practice.

  1. Try not to stop once you begin to get results!

At the point when you initially started to get results, you thought of taking a break and positive energy that surrounded you started lagging behind. Dragging yourself back to training won’t be an easy task.

  1. Let yourself be human.

Protest in the event that you should.  Its human tendency to underestimate your efforts. If by any chance you miss writing your gratitude list or failing to express what you really want to write, it is perfectly ok. Do not blame yourself. The moment you started listening to a little voice “You have missed a day. You’ve bombed hopelessly at being thankful!” So be kind to yourself. Tie your laces and keep running!

Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 10.31.57 PM

smartData Enterprises has dedicated the next two months to show gratitude to people who are tirelessly helping the community, workplace, and country in this pandemic. We also thank all the frontline smarTians and non-smarTians who have worked tirelessly in these tough times. This gratitude drive will evoke a sense of thankfulness and satisfaction with life. In the next two months kindly express how thankful you are to all these individuals (smarTians – developers, operations team, colleagues, seniors etc. and even non-smarTians like your family, parents, milkman, grocery store, newspaper vendor, security guard, policemen, health workers, house help and anyone who has made even a slightest contribution in your life) through a thank you gesture in person through messages or social media handles. Remember what goes out comes back…

Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 10.31.31 PM

If your company is still operating, be very grateful!

Here’s WHY?

  1. Victoria’s Secret declared bankruptcy.
  2. Zara closed 1,200 stores.
  3. La Chapelle withdrew 4391 stores.
  4. Chanel is discontinued.
  5. Hermes is discontinued.
  6. Patek Philippe discontinued production.
  7. Rolex discontinued production.
  8. The world’s luxury industry has crumpled.
  9. Nike has a total of $23 billion US dollars preparing for the second stage of layoffs.
  10. Gold’s gym filed for bankruptcy.
  11. The founder of AirBnb said that because of pandemic, 12 years of efforts were destroyed in 6 weeks.
  12. Even Starbucks also announced to permanently close their 400 stores.
  13. We Work isn’t in a great spot either

The list goes on and on!

If your company is still operating, be very grateful 2

Under the weight of the new crown pandemic, many giants are facing the crisis of failure. Five months of pandemic created a LOT of debt, and tens of thousands of companies went bankrupt, so the company was seriously replaced.

If your company is still operating, be very grateful 3

If your company is still there, and there are no major pay cuts or layoffs, please treat your company well. Because they are carrying all the tests that you can’t see. And humans are facing the pandemic that cannot be controlled. The second half of 2020, is the challenge of corporate strength.

I remember Robert Kiyosaki said that he prefers to invest in smaller businesses because whenever crisis happens, the first to collapse will be those big companies and brands.

If your company is still operating, be very grateful 4

2020 is about survival but those who can exploit it, Will manage to achieve unparalleled heights this year too!

If it’s not going well then just somehow SURVIVE. Dont think of hikes in your job, just do well And dont get laid off

If your business ain’t running well Manage to survive dont think to make impractical $1M

Be happy and thankful with what you have!…😊😊 (source – Internet)

The Opportunistic Opportunity

Where are we heading is a BIG question everyone wants to hear the answer to – but no-one wants to answer!

Human race has seen many such upheavals since its existence and to me, this is just one of them and not “the” one. Question of cure becoming painful than the disease is the imagination of our tired anxiety-filled mind – with total cut off from social mixing – this was bound to happen – “one thing” syndrome – thinking about one thing and then creating our own web around it – only to be entangled in it finally – like the spider.

The industries and not just IT is in severe doldrums with developed nations GDP taking a predictive negative dip in 2020 in double digits while India and China just managing to stay afloat at 2% and 1% as per the renowned financial times’ commentator Martin Wolf & similar doomsday predictions are available for plenty. The mind usually will tend towards negative based on the facts. Facts are clear – no consumers.. other than feared online consumers – who themselves are buying only the essentials out of anxiety or panic. The cyclic effect from top to bottom has started to appear all over with companies resorting to job cuts, pay cuts and furloughs irrespective of the diktats from the power to be – “I live then you live” principle have started to surface from the various stories I hear and read ! & that’s a very dangerous trend for our society.

Where are we heading is a BIG question everyone wants to hear the answer 1

History is full of umpteen stories showing that humans give their best when they are up against the wall – the only way left then is to push back one more time. This is the time for “Opportunity” and being “Opportunistic”- in a +ve way off-course. A lot of notions management had, to not do certain things due to the fear of failure has been thrown out of the window today – courtesy Covid 19 who thought that 96% of the Indian IT workforce will be operating for one month and claim that productivity has improved… Garment manufactures are making masks while automobile companies are making ventilators & police is cooking food for the have’s not – plasma therapy for therapeutic treatment in absence of vaccines etc …goes on to prove that when we drop the self-created boundaries on our “imagination” something good comes out & it will. Will industry really need degree holders or would prefer people who can think and do the right things at the right time irrespective of formal education! Companies have started executing internal projects asking for people to contribute via their additional or secondary skills which were lying untapped. Strategies made by boards in Q1 are receiving obituaries one is sure about the next one with conviction- unless they overload it with many constants on which there are no controls – this happens only if that happens…

I feel the best approach is to be “open-minded” – take it as it comes – learn from this experience – the opportunity it is giving to the human brain to think differently – by learning to live constantly in a mode of uncertainty hereafter even if the chips are not down – we all did during our start-up phase – did we not? Fending for survival at all times should be the new norm for growth and we humans fend ourselves best when we are in survival mode! The decision-makers should adapt to this new normal even after things become normal – become opportunistic at all times looking for opportunities in every act, deed or minutes – is the lesson I will take from these challenging times & change one more time!

Connecting “You to You” – Writing!

I picked up my beautiful ? handwriting from my father, whose written application no one understood but I always got a ‘leave of absence.’ My rule was to make it look good, but one should not understand a word of it. I tried angles to see if words look better at zero degrees or at 10, 20, 30, 45, even sixty degrees ?

The damage was being done year on year… till I bumped into one of my best teachers Mrs. Maneckji- my English teacher. However, hard she tried but she could not make me change my fantastic habit of words and letters in a word flying in pair of 2… over the years even I tried but could not. As I moved on, the angles worked to perfection and people’s ability to decipher my secret code continued to diminish from bad to worst… I remember one fantastic anecdote with one of my Navy academy law teacher- one day he pulled out my 4th-semester law paper in front of the class and announced that I got maximum marks. He waved my paper and he said “Looks are always deceptive.”

He proclaimed that he did not understand all my words- thanks to my good handwriting ?, so rest he assumed it to be right. And as law works on evidence, he had no concrete evidence that the words he could not understand were right or wrong- and hence he has to give the benefit of the doubt and thus I got full marks. While that’s on the lighter side- my journey from a naval honcho to an IT person, helped me a lot as my beautiful handwriting gave way to electronic typing. But the touch and feel of one’s handwriting has its own charm. I still prefer using handwritten notes over typed notes. Because I feel I can connect with what I write vs what I type. Even the use of stylus over electronic screen

Connecting “You to You” - Writing 2

does not give me that connected feeling.

Writing is an outlet of your expression, your innerself – when you write you empty yourself and become light- what actually you are doing is- that you are imprinting your footprints via your words in the annals of history! As you complete your words you are actually becoming history for your reader(s) to connect and decipher.

However to become a good writer you have to be a good reader and a very keen observer of human behavior and its nuances, which means you should know the art of connecting. Other trait I realize is that you need to be a person close to ‘nature’-meaning being with nature. That’s where ideas of your next writing endeavor crops up… amidst that misty silence… when the sun is trying to shower it’s not so warm…warmth on Mother Earth on a cold misty winter morning.

Connecting “You to You” - Writing 3

Write as much as you can, whenever you can- teach through writing (on paper or board) than speaking. Write about anything… just start writing… you will see ‘yourself’ within you who can and is expressing his/her thought/ wisdom/ emotion/ point of view through you and to you… Happy Writing ?

Reading: It happens to you if you make it happen by design or default…

A book from Ayn Rand was thrown at me as I managed my way into grade 11th. The name was ‘Fountainhead’-the book was 400 plus pages talking about how one would plan his/her success in life. I thought passing Xth with first division will herald my arrival into an automatic career leap!! I finished the book in precisely 2.5 … I mean years. As a child, we picked up the habit of reading from our mother who was addicted to reading novels along with it came Champak, Nandan, Lotpot as a bribe . Those days you could not afford to buy these weekly subscriptions, it was given on rent. Airbnb or rent economy was there even in the 70’s- demand/supply curve was always there- 70’s there was more demand for reading- as every parents aspired to get a good education for their kids. Rent, paced us to improve our speed or pay for more days which we could not have.
Necessity is the ‘mother of invention’ is the lesson I learned along with the added advantage of speed reading which has stood me in good stead as I grew up in my life. Reading from comics to novels obviously helped in my studies or say “quick studies” as , I was always catching up to pass with minimum good grades for parents due to my over indulgence in sports. Speed reading helped in understanding things a lot more in the shortest span of time then and…as the saying goes, when you keep at something continuously you shall start getting it and I started to get it slowly but steadily what I use to read… step by step and that is the beauty of reading…. drop by drop… the knowledge, the interpretation, the crux starts to seep into your intellect making you a different person or shall I say in finding ‘the person’ which is you.
Reading over the last 30 years – all types from fiction to non-fiction to business has made me wiser, balanced and empowered. Its something I start and end my day with. Modes are electronic, audio, video and the best still remains the old hard copy… Reading memoirs/autobiographies are the best..imagine a smart, famous or intellectual person who puts his/her entire life learnings in 300-400 pages. We just need to glean those pages…These learnings are priceless, what it needs from you is only your few hours. Isn’t that a sweet deal… for me indeed it is…. And so should it be for everyone, … go ahead- remove the dust off the book U purchased, flipped through a few pages and then dumped it with an excuse of ‘why you could not complete it”- this time make none… I did not and so should you.

CANNABLE is CAN attempt to bridge the gap between virtual and the real world of mentee expectations

Before you get to speed do you really need funding – is your business in that league and has those multiples!!

Speed does matter – but right constant speed is what gets you there. Norwegian Roald Amundsen trekked to the South Pole in an extremely disciplined manner. 20-mile march principle – set yourself yoy targets and hit them then miss them. Before we move further lets quickly talk about Mentee traits: – enthusiastic, energetic, organized and focused.

They should embrace feedback while remaining honest and responsive. They should always behave with integrity and recognize that hard work and sacrifice pay dividends down the road.

Effective Mentoring requires following rules

Mentee should look for relevance – A mentee should clearly know what he/she wants to know “Relevance” – Usually mentee gets carried away by mentor success and does not check if the mentor is falling within the sweet spot a mentee is looking for- which to me is “relevance” of the match.

If the mentor realm of understanding is a bit distant from the school of experience the mentee is seeking, the relationship may not be a good fit, and you’re probably better off looking for another mentor elsewhere and/or recognizing that it will involve more of mentor time.

Mentor should look for suitability — the other side of the equation…ask: Do I have the relevant experience and time to make this relationship successful? Estimate the level of experience of your prospective mentee versus your own (gap) & then decide to move forward.

Mentee should keep following in their mind when dealing with mentors, I call them PanchMantra

  1. Clarify what you need from mentor:
  • Guidance
  • Sponsor
  • Connector
  1. Choose wisely: Knowing what you need is the first step; finding the right person is the second. Like selecting a partner for marriage, your choice of a mentor affects 95% of your success and happiness. Find a mentor whom you can relate to and who shares your goals and understands your priorities. And remember that someone at the top of their field may not necessarily be ideal. Find mentors U see urself becoming — and make sure they are up to the challenge.
  1. Under promise and over deliver: Remember that mentors are looking for closers: those that finish what they start.
  1. Mind your mentor’s time: Good mentors are successful for a reason: They manage their time wisely, often doing multiple things at any given time in order to ensure success. As a mentee, you must learn to respect your mentor’s time.
  1. Be engaged and energizing: The best mentees are fun to work with. U should be energy donors, not energy recipients. work with enthusiasm, excitement, and eagerness to move projects forward. Mentors are more likely to respond positively to a mentee who presents the upside to their efforts rather than the downside. With this in mind, avoid excessive complaining about other people or a particular situation. If problems arise — and they usually do — it is best to frame your problem as a growth opportunity. Present several solutions, and see if your mentor advises one course of action over the others.

***Beware of pitfalls: Just as in the world of management, mentees must learn to manage up — that is, to help their mentor guide them. When mentors go awry, mentees must be ready. Recognize the warning signs and know what countermeasures to employ. For example, if your mentor becomes a bottleneck, set firm deadlines and clearly state what will happen when they arrive. Conversely, if your mentor begins to hijack your ideas, more drastic measures might be necessary

In nutshell:

  • Excellent mentees know what type of help they need
  • Select the right people to help them,
  • Finish tasks ahead of schedule,
  • Mindful of their mentor’s time,
  • Are energized and engaging, and credit others liberally.

As a Mentor what my rules are:

  • Baseline chemistry between a mentor and a mentee
  • Focus on character rather than competency
  • Encourage with my optimism, and keep quiet with my cynicism
  • Extremely loyal to my mentee

At its highest level, for me mentorship is about being “good people” and having the right “good people” around us — individuals committed to helping others become fuller versions of who they are.

This is CAN small steps towards the direction of “assisting” those “right good people” and we hope the discussion during the entire day today has helped all of you to make some incremental progress – CAN would be happy to continue this dialogue so that this is not just one-off exercise but its a continued endeavour to promote the upcoming entrepreneurial ecosystem of this region. I would like to thank the entire team of CAN who have worked hard and esp our secretariat team under Vineet and all those who have been involved in this wonderful festival of entrepreneurship in the city beautiful.

Looming IMO 2020: Are We Ready? Know how technology could be saviour for Sea Liners

IMO Blog By Ajay Tewari

Being on ship as Ex-merchant shipping officer I know shipping is the lifeblood of the global economy and ships are the neurons, which carry global trade. Over 90% of global trade happens on oceans and we are less than six months away from possibly the biggest shipping shake-Up, regulatory (IMO 2020) which will contrarily affect complete supply chain system of the global economy.

“Estimates vary but it is believed that the IMO’s regulations will cost the shipping industry between $60 – 200 billion.” Source: Port Tech

United Nations shipping agency, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) planning to come with regulation whose main agenda will affect shipping industry, as from 1 January 2020, ships will have to use bunker fuel with a sulphur content of no more than 0.50% m/m under regulation 14.1.3 of Annex VI of the MARPOL convention (the “Regulation”). The non-compliant vessels will be subject to financial penalties, which will vary as per the Port States.

The focus of IMO 2020 to reduce SOx (Sulphur Oxide, which is a greenhouse gas) produced from a ship’s consumption of bunker fuel.

In fact, the “15 largest ships in the world produce more sulphur emissions than all of the world’s cars combined”. (Source: Guardian)

What Sea Liners Must Know?

  1. Reporting on fuel oil quality and availability?
  2. Exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS “Scrubber”) availability with IMO standards?
  3. Sulphur monitoring sampling and testing service providers (Sulphur content testing Labs)?

How Technology could be a saviour?

Looming IMO 2020 making Ship liners to have a smooth business flow and need for a globally integrated shipping information system (GISIS) is realized, where businesses can view all stake holder’s data and it’s reporting. Information related to fuel oil availability, EGCS systems, and Labs testing service for the understanding of the 0.50 % m/m sulphur limit under MARPOL Annex VI and abidance.

Pre-IMO 2020 work in progress

A. Desulfurization: International Ultrasonic Technologies Inc CEO Kerri McGrath confirmed that they are ready with advanced technology to make bunker oil (HSFO) exhausted gas to comply with IMO guidelines.

B. Marine fuel additives: Innospec Inc. has launched an exciting new range of marine fuel additives. These additives will make bunker oil comply with the new regulations regarding maximum sulphur content, which comes into force on January 1st, 2020.

C. Low-sulphur fuel oil (LSFO): Using high-grade fuel compliant is a short term solution for marine liners where many refinery planners, this means a terrific opportunity to make money for the company.

D. Carbon Neutral vessels: The world’s biggest carrier A.P. Moeller-Maersk announced plans to go above and beyond complying with the IMO’s 2020 rules when it set a target of having carbon neutral vessels on the seas by 2030.

IMO 2020 and Surge in Freight Price

Comply with new IMO regulation shipping industry have two options. One using low sulphur compliant fuel and other using open-loop scrubber system. Processing Bunker (Marine Fuel Oil) requires refineries to put more efforts it will result in costlier fuel price and directly impact freight price. Even implementing loop Scrubber will be a temporary and costly affair. Bottom line, ocean transportation is about to get more expensive in 2020.

As per Goldman Sachs: Full compliance scenario, $240 billion extra burdens will come to the shipping industry. Daily bunker fuel is nearly 3.5 million barrels per day in 2018, representing roughly 5% of total global fuel demand.

Technology as a captain for your ship

Shipping industry planning for Internet of Things (IoT) based digital platform for sea liner services gives shippers insights into how every vessel carrying their goods will comply with the IMO 2020 regulation. Such IoT applications can alone benefit over 94,000 big vessels according to the united nation.

Tech-Driven Assets Information & Optimization: 2019 will be dominated by the shipping industry’s preparations for January 1, 2020. It has already inspired a raft of technological innovations which could become fixtures of the sector for years to come. Sea liners moving towards “integrated shipping information system” (ISIS) and to comply with looming IMO 2020 regulation. New tech Consulting companies coming forward and developing IIS focused on reporting, heat map based available labs, scrubbers service, LFSO details and of available assets for their vessel fleet and freight management solution post IMO.

Integrated shipping information systems could be a one game-changer specifically for small and medium-size shipping liners and can act as a captain on the ship for sea liners in managing their fleet, freight and bunker management.